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Highland Multimedia follows a generalized project approach that is customizable to best fit the knowledge base of the client. In order to familiarize potential clients with our general project procedure we have detailed our typical 10 step project process below. Our objective in doing so is to give the client a clear idea of what to expect before they choose Highland Multimedia as a marketing supplier.

Highland Multimedia follows a generalized project approach that is customizable to best fit the knowledge base of the client. In order to familiarize potential clients with our general project procedure we have detailed our typical 10 step project process below. Our objective in doing so is to give the client a clear idea of what to expect before they choose Highland Multimedia as a marketing supplier.

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1. Initial Consultation

We start all projects with an in depth consultation session. During this session we attempt to understand in detail the client’s goals and encourage them to explain any marketing concepts that they may already have employed or have in mind. The goal of this consultation session is to allow both the design team and the client to reach a clear understanding of the proposed project and ideal results. This session requires a $50 fee, but this fee is deducted if a service or product is purchased.

2. Draft Quote Issued

Once a project is agreed upon, a detailed project quote will be drafted. This quote will outline the agreed upon project deliverables and the corresponding project price.

3. Quote Modifications

After the client has had an opportunity to review the proposed project quote they will have the opportunity to seek clarification on any and all items, plus to modify any components of the quote they wish to. Once this occurs the project quote will be finalized.

4. Deposit

The team at Highland Multimedia will start the project upon receiving a deposit that covers 1 / 3 of the projects total quote price plus tax. The second third is expected half way through the project and the final portion when the project is finished.

5. Gathering Materials

Once the project is initiated the client is responsible for supplying all essential materials for the project in a timely fashion. This includes all essential materials to be used in the project such as text, photos, videos, audio, diagrams, and any other materials the clients wish to include in the project.
All materials are to be submitted in digital format; however, if you do not have them in digital format Highland Multimedia can work to digitize them at an additional cost.

6. Design Preview

After completing a draft design for the project, Highland Multimedia will send the draft to the client for review. Typical draft format consists of a flat JPG screen shot of your website, or in the case of graphic design project, an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

7. Consultation & Feedback

Upon reviewing the draft design we invite the client to provide us with detailed feedback. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction possible on all projects and receiving client feedback is a vital step to achieving this goal. Whether this feedback is received via a phone call, email, or a meeting in our office, all feedback will be thoroughly reviewed so that highest quality product or service can be produced.

8. Modifications

Once feedback is received from the client and is thoroughly reviewed, the team at Highland Multimedia will work to successfully complete all required modifications. Once this occurs, the client will be contacted and once again have an opportunity to provide feedback. The ultimate objective of this step is to ensure that the client is fully satisfied with the final product.

9. Invoicing

When the client is fully satisfaction with the finalized product or service the final invoice will be issued.

10. Finalization

Once the final payment arrangements have been made, the completed product or service will be delivered to the client. In the case of printed materials, Highland Multimedia is available to arrange the project to be printed professionally using their trusted suppliers from the local area.

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    If you know someone who is looking for a place to rent, or has a place to rent you could win $25 tomorrow. Details in video. ... Share & Win: $25 E-Transfer This Friday About This Contest: This is no joke, was built from the ground up in Antigonish and I want everyone in our wonderful town to know about it... especially folks looking for homes, or looking to rent them. The idea is simple, I want you to have my ad budget for letting people know about our service. To be entered to win you must Like the RentGorilla page, like this post, leave a comment where you tag someone who might need a home, or has one to rent, and then share it. It should take about 15 secs to pull it off and on Feb 16th at 8pm I will award the winner, contact them for their email and send that sweet sweet money there way. Best of all, I am going to do it next week, and the week after, and another week after that. That's $100 bucks of my hard earned cash going directly back to the people who help me make it. I can't imagine a better way to handle "Gorilla" marketing in this day and age. Thank you Antigonish for your support! I know you respect hard work and a solid product and I will not let you down as I continue to build this into a world class solution for all your long term rental needs.

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    A recent panoramic project for Ron MacGillivray Chev Buick GMC proved more difficult then imagined. After several hours the result has improved significantly over the first kick at the can. Be sure to look up and down ;)

    A few things to note about this pano... it is a HDR capture, that is why you can see out the windows, it has the ceiling and the floor integrated, the tripod used to mount the camera was removed from the image, and it was captured in high resolution, such that when you zoom in a lot of detail is maintained. More over this came from a Digital SLR camera, and not a smart phone, but yet has been posted to Facebook ;) Suffice to say a lot of tricks were employed to pull this bad boy off.

    Get in touch if you would like a professional full resolution panoramic tour of your business.

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    Possibility to win a very nice present just before Christmas... ...

    Christmas Canvas Contest & Sale! Win your very own signed and numbered 40 x 30 inch "Cabot Trail At Last" canvas print from a local artist James Smeaton! To enter you must Like the page, Like the post, Comment on the post and Share the post. Draw is this Thursday at 9pm. Pickup only in Antigonish. Need a last minute gift idea? Price ranges from $175 to $200 all in, pickup only. Call 902-735-3040 to reserve your print before they are gone Buy two and get $25 off your second print! See video in comments for more info. Video: Hoping to receive? Please share or tag someone in the comments to let someone know you're interested, also highlight which print you like the most. Happy to do night time picks ups for convenience. Note: I can ship these anywhere in the US & Canada for only $25. Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas! See my full portfolio at:

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    Award Winning Marketing!

    The recent win of the $100,000 Avivia Community Fund for the Antigonish Affordable Housing - Housing for Hope project was assisted by James Smeaton of Highland Multimedia. James was the campaign coordinator over the course of three months and saw to the design of the logo, printed materials and social media posts as well as a significant portion of the outbound communications and campaign strategy. It should also be said that he was surrounded by a very large and dedicated team of volunteers without whom the efforts required would have been near impossible. The citizens of Antigonish and beyond were also instrumental to this win.

    If you need assistance with your next marketing initiative this experience and many more might make us a good fit for your business or organisation.

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