One of the best aspects of starting small and growing your company one relationship at a time is an appreciation of the little things.

From a friendly phone call to a late night email our attention to the relationships we form helps us to stand out. You can read this for yourself in the feedback found below...

“I would like to take a minute to say thank you to all of you for your quick thinking and spirit into action yesterday to resolve the issues with the tickets and posters. The new proofs for both are AMAZING! The Foundation is very fortunate to have the support of wonderful people like yourselves! Keep up the great work!” Sadie Benoit, St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Foundation
“I know I know I know…. everyone wows your site & I’m so busy because of it. Send me a bill for changes & it’s no problem as I’ve making tons of $$$$ this spring because of your site, omg!!!”
Leslie Pierpont, Native & Uncommon Plants
“Highland Multimedia designed my website, business cards and product labels. Everyone comments on how well these have been strategically linked and designed. Almost everyone who visits my website comments on how easy it is to navigate, how attractive it looks, and how well it has been designed. Additionally it has been picked up well by all the search engines. Updates to the site have been done in a timely and accurate fashion. The service from Highland Multimedia has been professional, cheerful and organized. I have been especially pleased that I can get such a high level of professionalism from a local Antigonish, Nova Scotia company. I would recommend Highland Multimedia to you.” Anne Camozzi, Fine Silk Painter
“WOW!!! Looks absolutely what I would expect from a company such as ours. Professional, clean and well laid out.” ALSO “You were well prepared and presented the material in a way that gave everyone a god overview of our plan.” Wayne Ezekiel, AA Munro Insurance
“Very Very Impressive! You have demonstrated that you are indeed a GURU for business website creation without the usual fluff. My customers asked me about you already. Woo…. I am blown away! Thank you, James!!!!” Denis Machoka, Compliance & Validation Support
“Thanks very much. I truly appreciate all you do for us.”
Vangie Babin, Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre
“I love it! It looks fantastic!” Thank you so much for all your hard work. It looks amazing.”
Nicole, The
Antigonish Career Resource Centre
“The ad is very well designed – it looks amazing.” Will Fitzpatrick, Xaverian Weekly
“This is totally awesome! Beautiful job man…beautiful. You totally captured the vibe of the event. It is Great!! I totally understand the value of you are doing here and it is greatly appreciated by all!”
Ray Mattie, Pogey
“Thank you for a job done quickly and done well.”
Michael Molinario, Prodigy CG
“THE BROCHURE IS AMAZING!!! You are a Master at your craft. Thanks so much James, really a job well done!” ALSO “The Annual report has been receiving reviews, even CEO’s from other Districts have emailed comments to us.” Mackay, Heather, GASHA
“Thank you very much for going the extra mile on our brochure. VERY much appreciated.”
Ed Thomason, Theatre Antigonish
“It’s magic to me, James! I have no idea how it’s done, only that pioneering activity like this comprises strong intelligence, true imagination and a commitment to see our duty— and do it. Thank you.”
Kingsley Brown, former CBC Reporter
“Very cool! I will follow the progress. Have a great Christmas. Thanks.”  
Brian Macleod, MacLeod Group
“yahoo!! looks great. Thanks again! I love it.” ALSO “Thanks, have had great feedback already. (I’ll copy part of one email) Your website is gorgeous. At any rate, know that I “fan” you.” ALSO “Here is another testimonial to you from my IT gal who did the original one. Please tell him it’s one of the ‘classiest’ websites I’ve seen for a small business. Great!!!”
Leslie Pierpont, Native & Uncommon Plants
“Thank you for adding all the web changes. It’s powerful to see my own website just pop up like that. It’s been a pleasure working with you.” ALSO “Everything looks awesome” ALSO “The business card is dog-gone spectacular. I love how it coordinates with the web colors. I am so pleased….” “Way to go. The new page is a superb addition. Unbelievable. Thanks so much for all our efforts. I can visualize you breaking the finish line tape at Newfoundland as the business card you created is on its way to press! Yeah James!” ALSO  “My son in Colorado wrote me: “Your website looks amazing. If you didn’t know differently, I’d swear you must be the coach of tons of athletes.”  Susan Kelly, Sporting Our Spirit
“James you are brilliant” ALSO “thought you’d like this feedback: I just spent a long while in your gallery, and exploring your website (http://www.annecamozzi.com). I love the story your whole website tells….and it does tell such a story! I also love the way you have the sections – order, commission, buy a license. It is wonderfully professional and personable in a way that really reverences your art and the person you hope will respond to it!”
Anne Camozzi
“People are super impressed with the puppy website! It is selling pups for us! Comments from people are, “once we saw your website, we knew you were the ones we were going to get our puppy from”; “you obviously know what you are doing”; “what great information”.  
Donnie and Lee McCarron, Goldendoodle Kennels
“I think the site is very mom friendly and looks easy to navigate. I like the new slogan, it fits perfectly with the theme and the reference to “steps” is very unifying. All in all, I’d say you hit a home run!”
Tom Mahaffey, St. FX Professor
“Just to say again thanks for your amazing efforts yesterday – I’ve received nothing but complements on the website – I think you should add the Highland Multimedia name to it….”
Dr. Chris Galea, South Side Vacations

“Look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!” Gerry Doucet, xOFF Properties

“It looks fabulous James, Thank you so much.”
Robena Stewart, Manager, The Antigonish Career Resource Centre
“Many thanks for all your hard work on our website! It looks fantastic and is certainly a pleasure to log-on to and use. All the best!” Antigonish Career Resource Centre Staff
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    Antigonish Landing Signage

    About This Project:
    We received a request to design some signage for the various entrances to the Antigonish Landing Trail. The challenge was no photo was available in significant enough resolution to tackle the project. By getting up nice and early one beautiful early fall Saturday James Smeaton Photography was able to grab this wonderful shot and then drop a nice clear font on it for the win.

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    9 months ago

    Highland Multimedia Inc.

    Best customer service ever... ...

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    1 years ago

    Highland Multimedia Inc.

    If you know someone who is looking for a place to rent, or has a place to rent you could win $25 tomorrow. Details in video.

    Share & Win: $25 E-Transfer This Friday

    About This Contest:
    This is no joke, RentGorilla.ca was built from the ground up in Antigonish and I want everyone in our wonderful town to know about it... especially folks looking for homes, or looking to rent them. The idea is simple, I want you to have my ad budget for letting people know about our service. To be entered to win you must Like the RentGorilla page, like this post, leave a comment where you tag someone who might need a home, or has one to rent, and then share it. It should take about 15 secs to pull it off and on Feb 16th at 8pm I will award the winner, contact them for their email and send that sweet sweet money there way. Best of all, I am going to do it next week, and the week after, and another week after that. That's $100 bucks of my hard earned cash going directly back to the people who help me make it. I can't imagine a better way to handle "Gorilla" marketing in this day and age.

    Thank you Antigonish for your support! I know you respect hard work and a solid product and I will not let you down as I continue to build this into a world class solution for all your long term rental needs.

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    A recent panoramic project for Ron MacGillivray Chev Buick GMC proved more difficult then imagined. After several hours the result has improved significantly over the first kick at the can. Be sure to look up and down ;)

    A few things to note about this pano... it is a HDR capture, that is why you can see out the windows, it has the ceiling and the floor integrated, the tripod used to mount the camera was removed from the image, and it was captured in high resolution, such that when you zoom in a lot of detail is maintained. More over this came from a Digital SLR camera, and not a smart phone, but yet has been posted to Facebook ;) Suffice to say a lot of tricks were employed to pull this bad boy off.

    Get in touch if you would like a professional full resolution panoramic tour of your business.

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