Graphic Design

"Graphic design is important because we as humans are highly visual in our orientation to the world, many of the decisions we make are based on choices derived from visual stimulus, depending on the nature of that stimulus different choices seem better the others, as such any attention paid to the selection of visual elements for a given proposition is bound to effect the final choice of the viewer." James Smeaton

Why Buy Quality Design?

Graphic design is a very unique asset to purchase for your organization. How can you quantify the return on a well designed web site or poster? Does your logo design actually change a clients decision to choose your service?

Ultimately the answer is hard to know, but what is clear is that good quality design supports and impacts decision making almost as much as the product or service itself.

For this reason we work with clients to identify key brand elements to integrate into a project as well as the most fundamental decision making information which we then present in the most attractive and digestible form possible to help your client make a choice.

It is those choices that are made in your favor that create the return on your investment in quality design.

Please review Our Portfolio to see the value we have already designed for our clients.

What Can We Design?

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Vertical Banners
  • Advertisements
  • Small & Large Posters
  • Restaurant Menus
  • User Interfaces
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • CD / DVD Layouts
  • Book Covers

Advance Photo Editing Services

Image editing services are very popular to improve the clarity of old and damaged photos or images.

Under image editing, you can have various services that include
• Photo Retouching
• Clipping Path
• Photo Enhancement
• Photo Restoration
• Vector Conversion

Another famous photo editing service is photo retouching. It requires high-end creativity of the artists. This technique provides facility to remove unwanted object, change background, and add text. You can insert portrait effects, crystal effects, and masking in it. It is very useful to industries like media, publication, garment, manufacturing, etc.

Clipping path services contain Photoshop outlining, image cut-out, image masking and many other. It allows removing unwanted objects from the image with masking, clipping, and cropping. Image clipping path is a cost effective technique to create effective images for various industries like printing, publishing, advertising, photo studio, jewelry, graphic designing, etc. It helps in eliminating a background from any photo and image.

Photo enhancement permits to recreate photos or images by improving areas, faces, objects, skins, products, etc. You can enhance damaged, poor, and dull images by using photo enhancement technique. It removes tears, stains, creases, folds and so on. You can have colour enhancement and colour balancing. In photo enhancement, you can improve sharpness, contrast and brightness of photos. Remove tears, stains, creases, scratches, and folds by using this technique. Under photo enhancement, you can have
• Photo Editing and Effects
• Photo and Document Restoration
• Digital Coloring
• Photo Alteration / Manipulation
• Glamorization Picture

Photo restoration is a technique to repair damaged, scratched, blurry, and torn photographs. Moreover, you can repair your historic, black & white, and faded photos, paintings and documents by utilizing photo restoration services. Select an experienced enterprise for repairing and retouching of your images or photos. Here you can add text, change background, change & correcting color, remove bad shadows, motion effects, remove unwanted objects, and much more.

Vector conversion is a popular service for dealing with old logos that are perhaps just in raster format but need a vector format for printing in large scale or recreating detail that may have been lost by only have access to lower resolution versions of logos. This can also be helpful to rediscover or even update font styles found in a logo.

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    Antigonish Landing Signage

    About This Project:
    We received a request to design some signage for the various entrances to the Antigonish Landing Trail. The challenge was no photo was available in significant enough resolution to tackle the project. By getting up nice and early one beautiful early fall Saturday James Smeaton Photography was able to grab this wonderful shot and then drop a nice clear font on it for the win.

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    10 months ago

    Highland Multimedia Inc.

    Best customer service ever... ...

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    1 years ago

    Highland Multimedia Inc.

    If you know someone who is looking for a place to rent, or has a place to rent you could win $25 tomorrow. Details in video.

    Share & Win: $25 E-Transfer This Friday

    About This Contest:
    This is no joke, was built from the ground up in Antigonish and I want everyone in our wonderful town to know about it... especially folks looking for homes, or looking to rent them. The idea is simple, I want you to have my ad budget for letting people know about our service. To be entered to win you must Like the RentGorilla page, like this post, leave a comment where you tag someone who might need a home, or has one to rent, and then share it. It should take about 15 secs to pull it off and on Feb 16th at 8pm I will award the winner, contact them for their email and send that sweet sweet money there way. Best of all, I am going to do it next week, and the week after, and another week after that. That's $100 bucks of my hard earned cash going directly back to the people who help me make it. I can't imagine a better way to handle "Gorilla" marketing in this day and age.

    Thank you Antigonish for your support! I know you respect hard work and a solid product and I will not let you down as I continue to build this into a world class solution for all your long term rental needs.

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    A recent panoramic project for Ron MacGillivray Chev Buick GMC proved more difficult then imagined. After several hours the result has improved significantly over the first kick at the can. Be sure to look up and down ;)

    A few things to note about this pano... it is a HDR capture, that is why you can see out the windows, it has the ceiling and the floor integrated, the tripod used to mount the camera was removed from the image, and it was captured in high resolution, such that when you zoom in a lot of detail is maintained. More over this came from a Digital SLR camera, and not a smart phone, but yet has been posted to Facebook ;) Suffice to say a lot of tricks were employed to pull this bad boy off.

    Get in touch if you would like a professional full resolution panoramic tour of your business.

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"WOW!!! Looks absolutely what I would expect from a company such as ours. Professional, clean and well laid out." AA Munro Insurance

"I love it! It looks fantastic!" Thank you so much for all your hard work. It looks amazing." Career Resource Centre

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