Internet Marketing

Highland Multimedia has the experience to help construct your Internet Marketing strategy and the talent to build the tools you will need to execute it.

Online Advertising

There are a wide variety of options to advertise on the internet. Few are as far reaching as Facebook and Google. Using a combination of text ads, image ads and platforms which range from YouTube to chosen website networks we can help your message reach a very specific target.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about being found when people are looking for your service or product. HM has a substantial experience in placing a diverse range of companies high in the search engines.

E-Newsletter Management

Regular direct communication to your clients is a very powerful tool. Add to this state of the art monitoring of those messages (in terms of the % of emails opened or bounced and which links were clicked) and you can fully judge the value of this tool. Our solution also provides tools to easily add ‘Join Newsletter’ to your website as well as an industrial grade contact manager.

Web Video Podcasting

No other medium offers the impact of full motion video. Whether a commercial for your business or a documentary on your not-for-profit we provide flexible solutions to embed video in your website using third party providers or hosted directly on your site.

Blog Setup & Integration

To remain current is a major challenge of many of today’s corporate and not-for-profit websites. Blogs help with this by providing user friendly solutions to add text, photo and even video content to your website. They also provide a historical backlog so that content can become a resource the organization can draw upon for years.

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    Antigonish Landing Signage

    About This Project:
    We received a request to design some signage for the various entrances to the Antigonish Landing Trail. The challenge was no photo was available in significant enough resolution to tackle the project. By getting up nice and early one beautiful early fall Saturday James Smeaton Photography was able to grab this wonderful shot and then drop a nice clear font on it for the win.

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    10 months ago

    Highland Multimedia Inc.

    Best customer service ever... ...

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    1 years ago

    Highland Multimedia Inc.

    If you know someone who is looking for a place to rent, or has a place to rent you could win $25 tomorrow. Details in video.

    Share & Win: $25 E-Transfer This Friday

    About This Contest:
    This is no joke, was built from the ground up in Antigonish and I want everyone in our wonderful town to know about it... especially folks looking for homes, or looking to rent them. The idea is simple, I want you to have my ad budget for letting people know about our service. To be entered to win you must Like the RentGorilla page, like this post, leave a comment where you tag someone who might need a home, or has one to rent, and then share it. It should take about 15 secs to pull it off and on Feb 16th at 8pm I will award the winner, contact them for their email and send that sweet sweet money there way. Best of all, I am going to do it next week, and the week after, and another week after that. That's $100 bucks of my hard earned cash going directly back to the people who help me make it. I can't imagine a better way to handle "Gorilla" marketing in this day and age.

    Thank you Antigonish for your support! I know you respect hard work and a solid product and I will not let you down as I continue to build this into a world class solution for all your long term rental needs.

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    A recent panoramic project for Ron MacGillivray Chev Buick GMC proved more difficult then imagined. After several hours the result has improved significantly over the first kick at the can. Be sure to look up and down ;)

    A few things to note about this pano... it is a HDR capture, that is why you can see out the windows, it has the ceiling and the floor integrated, the tripod used to mount the camera was removed from the image, and it was captured in high resolution, such that when you zoom in a lot of detail is maintained. More over this came from a Digital SLR camera, and not a smart phone, but yet has been posted to Facebook ;) Suffice to say a lot of tricks were employed to pull this bad boy off.

    Get in touch if you would like a professional full resolution panoramic tour of your business.

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