High impact photography encourages the viewer to feel something. The freshness of lettuce on a sandwich, the professionalism of an interior design or the sheer scale of a breath taking location. We understand these subtle touches and work to bring them to life in all our photography work.

Onsite Photography Service

Getting your photos taken by a professional ensures that every time someone is looking at your people, product or place they see it in the best possible light. Using a unique combination of lenses, lights and post production editing we bring your project to life so others can see value in your hard work.

Service Includes:

  • Travel to your location (includes 50km to and fro from Antigonish, NS)
  • Two hours of onsite shooting
  • Two hours of post production photo optimization and editing
  • ‘Best-in-class’ photo selection by the photographer
  • A private online image gallery to review all photos

Optional Upgrades:

Upgrade your onsite photo shoot with these additional features:

  • Extended Photo Shoot
    If you need more than two hours, just let us know and we can stay longer.
  • Long Distance Travel
    Need us in Halifax? No problem, we just charge by the KM after your initial 50KM is used up.
  • Onsite Staging
    Does your photo shoot need extras? Let us know and we can set it all up.
  • Models
    We can arrange for models to be present if you need to have people for your photos.


We captured 95% of the photos found in the following websites:

360° Virtual Tour Service

Nothing  shows your clients what they will be getting like a easy to use 360° virtual tour. Let your clients see everything… stunning views, attention to detail, and amenities that only a panoramic photo can do justice to.

Service Includes:

  • Travel to your location (includes 50km to and fro from Antigonish, NS)
  • One full 360° professional capture of your space
  • Post production photo optimization
  • Embedding the virtual tour into your website
  • Virtual tour can be in a Flash or HTML 5 format

Optional Upgrades:

Add to your already stunning 360° panoramic tour these additional features:

  • Extra Virtual Tours
    Additional virtual tours can be added to your website for greatly reduced pricing
  • Custom Facebook Integration
    Your tour can be installed on your Facebook fan page with a custom app icon
  • Web Links Inside Your Pano
    Interactive virtual hot spots can lead to other web pages anywhere you choose

    • Includes up to six links
    • Multiply virtual tours can be linked together this way


The following links will take you to a page where you can load the virtual tours we have already captured and installed:

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    More wood for the furnace...

    Another late night at the office paid off. Both of these are big projects that end up reaching thousands of people. The design needs to be tight.. but by god there is a lot of info to stuff in there. I think these will stand out, any suggestions?

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    A big congratulations to Lori, side note... that beautiful vertical banner was designed by us! ...

    Congratulations Lori on your 5 years as a counsellor with Naomi Society. Your kind and supportive client centered approach is greatly appreciated.

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    15 Years Later...

    If you are seeing this message consider yourself invited to our customer appreciation party this Friday from 12pm to 5pm.

    Even if we had not had the chance to do business together drop on by and find out what has allowed us to serve Antigonish and the world for over 15 years in the ever changing field of marketing communications. We will have drinks, treats and snacks on hand and enough conversation to fill a boat.

    If you are wondering who is Highland Multimedia and what do they do I hope to answer that question in a single statement, and with some photos of our latest projects.

    What we do is "We Design Value". We create or revise your existing marketing mechanisms to deliver a return on your investment. That means better graphics, better writing, more intuitive layouts, more flexibility for different devices, higher quality photos and a message that truly speaks to why you are the best option for your customers.

    Don't take our word for it. Check out the images tied to this post to see these words brought to life for our clients. See even more on our portfolio at

    We hope to see you on Friday, a big thanks for all your support, the team and I would not be here without it.

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    This guy could give anyone a lesson in creativity... ...

    Beary Tasty #oldie #postcard #etsy #webshop #honey #dont #beatles #carlperkins #tangerine #prince #mandarine #spot #shadowology #illustration #drawing #polarbear #photo #sketch #doodle #peeling #feelings #happy #potd #picame #shadow #art

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